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Traveling abroad is one of the cherished dreams of most Indians, and thanks to the blooming IT industry and the increased demand for English-efficient and conscious work-force, a large number of Indians are traveling abroad and realizing their ambition. Though I am speaking of Indians, the urge to explore new lands, to get familiarized with other cultures, and to just experience the novelty of a distant land is sure to tickle the adventure-centre of everyone’s brain. We see that some persons flourish well abroad, while instances are not wanting where the foreign jaunt is a “dream turned into a nightmare.” Let us see what hints astrology can offer for you how can we make your dream come true.

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Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra indicates foreign visits or residences during the main/sub-periods of the lord of the tenth house. That way, the lord of the tenth house in a particular nativity whenever associated with the fourth house in strength, gives journeys/residences to/in foreign countries. Sarvarath Chintamani connects the seventh house and the ninth house with foreign travel. The strong lord of the 9th house, ruling overseas journeys and voyages, gives income from foreign lands when connected with the houses ruling income and professional matters.

The tenth, seventh, ninth and twelfth houses rule foreign travel and residence. The lord of the tenth house connected with the tenth or twelfth house also indicates journey to foreign/distant lands but in a negative way. The profitability of stay/visits in a foreign country depends on the strength of the significators involved. Rahu's connection with houses connected with foreign journeys/residence 9th or 7th or with the fourth house which rules native place also indicates foreign journeys. .

The Overseas Travel Report ends with some guidance on Vedic astrology based remedial measures in the form of gemstones or Mani of plants or animals to wear, to travel fearlessly and successfully. Just contact us.

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