Remedies for Early Marriage and entering in Relationship

1) Wear a Gauri Shankar Rudraksha or you may keep it in your purse or at the place of worship in your house.
2) Take an old lock without any key and rotate it around your head 7 times and throw it at any crossing, and do not look back.
3) Offer Red chunni, red bangles and sindur etc to Lord Shiva and Parvati in the temple.
4) Keeping fast for 16 Mondays is well known remedy for removing delay in marriage.
5) Keep Rabbits in your house and feed them with your own hands.
6) Planting a Banana & Anar (Pomegranate) plant in temple or at any place of worship for expediting the matter.
7) Offer green grass or spinach (Palak) to Cow daily
8) Keep a Tulsi plant in your house and give it water mixed with kesar (Saffron)
9) Mix a pinch of Haldi (Turmeric) in the water and take bath with it.


 Astrological Consultation

for Love Affair

Since the childhood to the point when one enters youth 7th, every youth wants to be acquainted to one another and according to nature wants to make head way in life. On the basis of this when a male & a female come into close contact, becomes emotionally involved with each other besides being friends , is called a love 5th affair. Although such an affair is natural but the mystery behind it is entirely different.

Do you have such a affair? Want to know what will be the future? or Remedial for a successful married life, then contact us.

When people get married or fall in love 5th they usually expect their love and commitment to last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, for at least half of all couples it doesn't, Why? Vedic Astrology has the answer. By evaluating whether the charts of the couple are in agreement with each other, an astrologer unearths the reasons for your marriage 7th and relationship woes.

In any individual's life may it be a love affair 5th or a marital partner 7th and related to physical relation 7th with the fair sex, behind it all, in his life cycle, planets are responsible for that, out of which the main planet the Mars's & the Venus' major period/sub period & sub-sub period operates. Whenever in any individual's astronomical horoscope, these planets the Mars, & the Venus period starts, then all of a sudden in the life of an individual a turning point comes and he/she starts looking for a companion.

The 5th house in any individual's astronomical horoscope represents love affairs and the 2nd, 7th & 5th house of the horoscope represents whether there is permanent or temporary relation. In the childhood in any child's horoscope when the planet Mars & the planet Venus periods starts then his/her education is hampered. All of a sudden they become interested in things like the television, Films, Games, Making friendships etc & they are less interested towards their studies, that's why due to these planets their results in education becomes very poor. The parents of these children do not know what is the actual reason behind this hormonal change of their offspring's .

The planet Venus and Mars are the 2 most significant planets holding the secret for a happy marriage. Also when the position of these two “significator” planets generates benefic influences, the native is provided with timely and happy marriage. On the other hand, if these significations are weak, they cause numerous relationship and marriage troubles.

To help you maintain a happy relationship, the astrologers will analyze:

Your 5th house which denotes the aspects of intimacy, closeness, love and romance with your spouse
Your 7th house which represents aspects of married life and your desire for love and relations
Your 11th house which signifies harmony or disharmony in marital relationship
Your partner through his or her planetary aspects in accordance with the Dasha (Particular Planetary Period). This helps in identifying the factors for a "Perfect Marriage"
The possibility of Kuja Dosha or Manglik Dosha which causes marriage delays 7, marital disharmony 7 or great difficulties 6 8 12 relating in life in general
The astrologers will not just stop with the evaluation of your birth chart but will also suggest you powerful Vedic remedies. This Vedic remedies will not only help you lead a meaningful and trouble-free love life but also make you and your partner more receptive to each other.

Each of earth's gem stones, Mani or sacred items has unique properties. A gemstone with love properties will not magically make your soul mate 7th appear. But it can help you to develop a healthy state of mind that will allow you to find the love you are looking for. Gemstones and Mani emit energy - you can channel that energy through yourself to achieve the love you seek. Rose quartz, emerald, moonstone, lapis lazuli, jade... These are just a few gemstones that are popular for their love properties. Different gem stones are used for help with different kinds of love situations.

That gemstones work for the betterment of one's life is a known fact and people have been wearing and carrying gems from time immemorial. Every gemstone or Mani is unique and represents a different type of healing power, energy, or luck. There are many love gemstones that help you develop a healthy state of mind and allow you to find the love you are looking for in your life.

Stones or Mani have energies stored within them that can help you to create desirable changes in your life. Once you understand the colors, the energies, and the vibrations of these stones, you will be able to perform rituals and if your intent is good - you will be able to put more magic in your life - which means your life will change in a desired way. To know this contact us.

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Remedies For Success in Love and Relationship

1) Use green colour bangles, On Friday wear white clothes and on Thursday, yellow colour clothes. It is very effective remedies success in Love, relationship and early marriage.
2) If you want to marry with your desired partner or you lover / beloved / girl friend / boy friend, take an earthen lamp (mitti ka deepak) pour oil in it and lit it and then keep it in the South- West side / corner of your house.
3) To get love of your desired person do this kriya, you may get desired success
Take some sand or dust from under the feet of person you love. You can collect it where he / she normally stands or walks. And keep it in a piece of paper.
Now take 21 grains of Urad dal and 7 pieces of clove (Lavang).
Keep all three things in your hands and pray God or your Ishta Dev to make him / her your love / friend.

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