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# Miracle of Timing #

Gone are the days when you had no idea about when your baby would be born. Today you can (more or less) know the exact time when your bundle of joy arrives in the world.

In the US about 30 percent of children are born this way to be lucky. Do your wife also going through a cesarean delivery, then it is right time to contact us. Get a lucky Mahurat baby. Fee 100$. If you are out of India pay by pay pal below or bank transfer. Inside India only bank transfer is valid. For that visit payment page.

The value of time is inestimable. All objects in nature are produced in "Time", developed in "Time" and destroyed in "Time". The truth of these statements requires no further proof. It stands unchallenged. Time has got it's own properties. Creative, protective and destructive forces are embedded in the womb of time. If there could be a tool, which can give us a clue as to when the various kinds of creative and destructive forces are in operation, it would be of great help. A person can time his efforts to do the right thing at the right moment so that his activities are in harmony with the laws of nature.

To understand it further, just see that there is a time to sow and a time to reap. Why not we do the sowing operation during the harvest season? Nature would be against us. During the sowing season, creative forces are in operation. When an important activity is to be undertaken, destructive forces have to be screened off. Thus, the time of conception (Garbhadhaana) is very important. The birth of Ved Vyaas, the great scholar and the author of Mahabharata is believed to have been the culmination of a union at a time when planetary positions were conductive to produce a philosopher. Each moment has got its own potency. The moment at which we elect to do an important act is not certainly an insignificant epoch.

Does a cesarean section influence the natal chart?
Yes, Later this week I will be working on a natal chart for a child born of a cesarean section. I know there are many schools of thought in astrology that will argue the accuracy of the birth time data on both sides of the spectrum. Do you believe that the outside influence is a part of the cosmic plan for the child making the birth time indeed an accurate figure to work with?

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According to ancients, If you know the law you can change it. Great!

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Mahurat baby, Lucky baby. Genius baby. The created greatness of Rishi Parasar.

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