Our scientific background plus blessed with so many other talents lead me to do deep research and study various areas of astrology & I made so many accurate predictions on a number of occasions. Some of my latest known predictions are: India Election 2009, ICC 20-20 World Cup 2009, UPA Govt., Stock market, Olympic 2008 , US election 2008, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama etc. There are many predictions, which come true, and the phenomenon is still continuing. You can discuss with us about yourself over phone.


 Astrological Consultation

for Politics

An exclusive site for the world of politics where we provide services pertaining to your political issues and matters by using his sharp extensive knowledge of political field. We are engaged with National election, National parties, Ruling government of nation, state and city around the world as a astrological strategy advisor to provide them strategies and analytical solution and guidance to bring them better height of success into their political field through his sharp knowledge of astrology-numerology-Vastu-graphology science and sound experience for today's political world and still phenomenon is going on due to successful ratio in political market. Today's world is a one stop solution to discuss all your concerns, political affairs, new planning and current problems about your party or political career.

You party needs astrological analysis or you are still a struggling politician? You need total prediction for all the candidates of your party, then contact us.

Election Analysis & Strategies for first time candidate

Are you dreaming become a successful leader or a politician? Are you appearing first time in any political movement? Consult us to know what destiny has for your political career. His consultation before appearing election movement help you to take right decision and hence fair success in your political career, through astrological advice.

Election Analysis and Strategies

To get political success, if you are appearing in Town/District election, State Level election or National Election, write to us for detail election analysis and strategies based on astrology. Submit below inquiry form with complete details with your concern, D. Mishra will call you for the consultation. Politics astrologer. com serves many of its clients to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams in political career. Our consultation to get victory is based on astrology which helped you for bright future in politics.

Candidate and Party- A Compatibility report

Are you facing any problem in convincing your party leaders? Do you have any problem with your party members? Do you think your stars are not shining under party banner? To answer all these questions, we present a compatibility based report with your party. Through this product, you can understand what and how compatible you with your party.

Discuss an issue

If you have more than one question about your political life, than this is the right product to consult with us and discuss an issue with us by placing three to four questions by email.

There are numerous accounts about politicians 5th of the new age from around the world who used to consult astrologists before deciding on critical issues such as starting a war. Many of them were remotely the types you would expect to have this spiritual core.

A known example is president Ronald Reagan (actually it was the first lady Nancy Reagan who did the consulting with the astrologer). Another known example is some leading figures in the Nazi regime such as Hitler who believed and consulted very frequently.

Yes Indian prime Minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indra Gandhi and her family used to consult astrologers. In fact Indian independence time was decided as per astrology.

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Astrology is not only practiced and used by common people but also by various corporate and in fact governments too! Though most governments don’t accept it openly, but it is a truth that for most important projects and decision making, astrology is widely used by govt agencies. The government sectors consult auspicious time and star position for some of major acquisitions and launching.


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