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# Children in Astrology #

       Today, the preference for sons has become almost an obsession for the average Indian. One of the strongest desires of the Indian male is that after him there should be someone who would carry his and his ancestors' name forward and offer libations of water (tarpan) to their spirits. And that can only be a son. In order to obtain a son, Indians observe all kinds of fasts, give donations to Brahmins and saints, go on pilgrimages, and make vows to Gods and Goddesses. Behind all this is the customary social belief among the Hindus that, if the son lights the pyre of the father, then only may his spirit rest in peace and attain salvation, permitting his genealogical tree to bear fruit. Male child, male child birth is cherished by every body.

The desire for sons and preference for male over female children in India has been long predominant, irrespective of caste, creed, economic status and education. Yearning for male children in India is as old as the civilization itself. In Satyuga, the mighty king Dashrath performed a yajna for obtaining a son, which resulted in the birth of Rama, Lakshamana, Bharat and Shatrughana. In the medieval ages, the Mughal emperor Akbar offered a fervent prayer at the Dargah of Mohammad Chishti at Ajmer-sharif and offered Chaddar there, praying for a male child. Prince Saleem-Badshah Jahangeer was believed to have been born following the prayer.

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