According to Dioscorides, the aetite should be fastened to the left arm to protect the fetus; at the time of birth, it should be moved to the hip area to ease delivery. Pliny says if it is attached to pregnant women or to cattle, these stones act as a powerful aid in conception and preventive of abortion. Pliny says that the stone is found in the nests of eagles, who cannot propagate without them.



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Can astrology bring you a baby?
University based research says so, based on our study carried out at three Indian fertility clinics (two NHS and 1 private) between 2002 and 2005. My research shows that there is evidence indicating that, whether you are attempting natural conception or conception through IVF or other forms of ART, timing your attempts to coincide with my researched astro-fertility remedial will increase your chances of a successful outcome. Our Indian university based research with fertility clinic patients has shown which astrological factors are associated with successful conception.. As a result of this research, we can provide guidance and advice on how to use our unique astrological approach to increase your chances of having a baby.

Here are some of the defects which prevent couples from having children. Let's consider the case of females first. In most of the cases where the defects lie within the females, many such females are having irregularities with their Periods medically called Menstruation. When the defects are lying within the female body, there Ovaries may not be able to release the eggs at proper time, or may delay the eggs for a long period, or the eggs released may be weak which are not able to survive the process of fertilization. And when an egg being weak does not support the fertilization process or the area of Uterus holding the egg being weak is unable to process the fertilized egg to the next stages of reproduction, the conception does not occur or a miscarriage occurs. These are generally the medical problems that a female may face if there are medical defects in the reproductive system of her body.

In case of males, the study is comparatively simple. The role of male is to ejaculates billions of sperms inside a female body with each ejaculation, and out of these sperms, almost all of them die while trying to reach the egg and fertilize it. On the other hand if a sperm is able to survive the hostile atmosphere inside the female body and reaches the egg, it then fertilizes the egg and the process of reproduction starts. Now as per the part of males, there are commonly two problems which can prevent them from playing their proper part in the process of reproduction. The first being a low count of sperms which would simply mean that some males release a comparatively lesser number of sperms and so the chances of a sperm reaching the egg and fertilizing it also lesser. And the second one being the lack of potency in the sperms which would mean that a male may be able to release a proper number of sperms inside the female body, but the sperms are not strong enough to survive inside the female body and thus are unable to reach the egg and fertilize it. Some of the males face only one of the problems while others may face both the problems and hence it becomes difficult for them to fertilize an egg inside the female body.

Throughout thousands of years of history, people from all over the world have called on the healing powers of certain gemstones and crystals - particularly to enhance fertility. If you’re trying to get pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, or even wondering if you can get pregnant, you have no doubt heard about fertility jewelry - part of the growing trend of using natural earth elements - such as natural gemstones - to help encourage conception.

From the earliest days of biblical times, to ancient civilizations, from the mysteries of the Chinese culture to the secrets of Native American healing, certain natural gemstones and crystals have emerged as playing a role in helping women conceive - with certain gemstone jewelry said to make getting pregnant easier. Part of the "magic" of fertility gemstones is that simply being around them increases your exposure to the powerful earth energies each stones is believed to posses. That said. wearing them close to your body so that gemstone have an opportunity to touch your skin is believed to be most beneficial.

Each of the fertility and pregnancy gemstones are related by their energy to a particular chakra - and believed to impact that part of the body most. It is through this connection of passing the natural earth energy from the gemstone to the body that many believe the healing powers exist. The idea here is that natural gemstones contain an abundance of not only minerals, but also a type of natural energy that comes from those minerals and other elements of the earth. The “science” behind the use of “gemstone” therapy stems less from any “magical” qualities they may possess than from the ability of certain natural elements to impact our body chemistry in certain specific ways.

Male infertility occurs due to lack of sperm count or increase in sperm mortality rate. But female infertility occurs due to multiple causes, like cyst formation in the ovary wall, auto abortion, hormonal problem, menstrual disorder or lack of proper ovulation. All kinds of infertility can be easily cured by proper Gem stones and our herbal medicines. Consultation charge $50 or Rs.2763/-. If you are out of India pay by pay pal below or bank transfer. Inside India only bank transfer is valid. For that visit payment page.

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Navratna & Pancha Ratna amulet

Our Pancha Ratna and Nava Ratna are highly successful to create pregnancy in most infertility cases. The problems of infertility which cannot be solved by medical science, can be easily solved by these Panch Ratna and Nava Ratna amulet.


















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