#Sri Garuda Puranam#
"Pearls found in the stems of bamboos... are devoid of luster, though possessed of other auspicious virtues. A pearl obtained from inside the hollow stem of a bamboo resembles a hailstone in color, and is found only in bamboo that grows in the land of the honest and the pious, and not in every type of that grass." The  bamboo pearl we are giving is natural.



Bamboo Pearl

Bamsa Mukta (Bamboo Pearl): Forms within old bamboo tree. Such a stone can give you leadership over a country. Bamsa Moti -It forms within the stems of old Bamboo tree. They’re quite transparent and elongated in shape. One gates the blessing of Mahalaxmi by wearing such a pearl. According to Garuda Purana it confers sons, wife, wealth, health and fame. Spirits of the wild exist within it, which cures incurable diseases. Rare item.
According to Varaha  Mihira Bamsa Moti or Bamboo pearl comes from the sacred Bamboo in the dense forest which creates sound of OM. So it confers abundant riches and fortune. Starting from Price: $1179 or Rs.50000/- onwards.
People believe that sacred tree gods and elf's create it within  bamboo.  Often bamboo  pearl is found in bamboo fossils. These age old Bamboo pearls suppose to fulfill ones ambitions and give abundant  fortune  and riches in life. Starting from Price: $919  or Rs.39000/- onwards.
These are highly precious Bamboo pearls, believed to cure critical health  condition. These pearl comes from ancient fossilized Bamboo, which existed much before modern civilization. these blue Benu Mani confers great wealth and wisdom. Starting from Price: $1650  or Rs70000/- onwards.
This is  highly precious Bamboo pearl, believed to cure critical health  condition. This pearl comes from ancient fossilized Bamboo,  which existed much before modern civilization. This blue Benu Mani confers great wealth and wisdom. Starting from Price: $1650 or Rs.70000/- onwards.
   These unique Benu Mani comes from a unique Asian Bamboo. This gives a virtuous life full of glory, wealth and success. According to ancient scripture, it confers the wearer a fortunate and lucky life. Starting from Price: $1202  or Rs.51000/- onwards. 
This yellow Bamboo pearl is believed to give wealth, successes, glory and untold fortune. This comes from a Bamboo tree in a dense forest where no human ever visited. Starting from Price: $1414  or Rs.60000/- onwards.
These green Bamboo pearl comes from green Bamboo stems. It drives away all evil spirits and gives success in ambition, power, position, unusual enjoyment of wealth and reputation. Starting from Price: $1061 or Rs.45000/- onwards.

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"A pearl is to be known to have sprung from bamboo if it resembles camphor or crystal and is flat and uneven (or rough). they are considered extremely valuable and bestow sons, wealth, popularity, renown, and destroy disease, grief, while bestowing objects of desire upon kings"

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