Sri Naga Mani or The Cobra Pearls

Sri Garuda Purana: " A pearl found in the hood of a cobra is round in shape like the one obtained from the mouth of a fish and emits a dazzling effulgence from its own natural seat. After copious washing such a pearl assumes the luster of a well-polished sword. The possessor of a cobra or serpent pearl meets with rare good fortune, and becomes a pious and illustrious king in time, with a treasury full of other species of precious gems.

"A pearl born of the serpents, being worn by kings, will prove invaluable to them, destroy their misfortune and enemies, enhance their reputation and bestow victory.

The puja for Sri Naga Mani is identical to the procedure described for Sri Varaha Mani. Additionally, high Hindu holy days such as the birthdays of primary deities, require a second bathing after the first, and the first bathing is performed with milk rather than water. Naga Mani are not considered 'traveling pearls', and may not be neglected by extended absences. In such cases, pearls must remain with the owner 24 hours a day. It is taught that they must not be handled by women during menses, and they cannot be carried on or in leather. It should be noted that shoes must be removed when handling any of the Mani, but especially so in dealing with the Cobra Pearls.

Cobra Pearls are traditionally predisposed to Tulsi incense and fragrant flowers daily, however the flowers must be fresh. Cobra Pearls should be placed on a visible pedestal of some sort and permitted to enjoy the open air at their residence. Cobra Pearls may be dressed with Lotus Oil or other fragrant non-corrosive essential oils and should not be exposed to hard metal or rough cloth. Cobra Pearls should also be transported in a soft container with flowers inside, but if carried on one's person, only in the right pocket, never the left. Watch the Video.

Cobra Pearl

All our cobra pearls are Natural by origin. We will give you a certificate of originality. We ship world wide. Paypal is the safest method to transfer money.

Shaman or Tantrics voice

Growing Real strength and self-confidence,
Cultivate the courage, Increases energy and vigor,
Increase motivation and determination to achieve the goal.
Make yourself more powerful and tough to live a life of twists and turns,
Generating Authority charm so that you will be greeting Segal obey
Opening Pancara Mahabbah Love Charm, So wherever you're going to make people love and sympathy to you,
Opening one's heart to love,
Help reconcile / reconciling lovers,
Overcoming the fear of becoming ugly and unloved,
Goib fence so that the wearer will be enveloped in supernatural energy fields so that all forms of negative energy will be mentally and neutralized,
Protection Pagaran body and place of any danger,
For more fervently in prayer,
To officials of both the low level and the highest degree of order was raised / rank
High authority and always given proper guidelines in making decisions on everything from Allah,
Anti-witchcraft and sorcery,
Feared malicious spirits of both low and high groups.
Safety outside in ,
Absolute Courage,
Starting reinforcements,
Warding off magic, witchcraft, sorcery, witchcraft, etc.,
Treat a man possessed,
Medical and non medical treatment,
Great charisma, Junjung Drajat, Penglarisan Enterprises, Triumph and others

Instalation of Naga Mani

"Upon acquiring such a snake pearl, the owner should have the rite of installation performed by a priest who is learned in religious formalities. After hearing from the owner how the pearl was obtained and conducting the benedictory ritual, the priest should formally install the jewel inside the owner's house. On such an auspicious occasion, the sky becomes filled with dark and heavy rain clouds, thunder, and flashing lightning, such as exhibited at the time of universal dissolution. A man in possession of such a snake pearl will never be troubled by snakes, demonic beings, diseases, or disturbances in any form."---Sri Suta Goswami - Sri Garuda Puranam: 69

Naga Spirit blessings

Inner and outer absolute safety,
The triumph in any endeavor,
The great charisma,
Fences themselves, people who are hostile to harm themselves,
Ease in finding rezeky,
and success.


Nag Mani

Cobra stone or Nagaratna

Most People believe Naga Mani Generally forms in the hood of a cobra or king cobra. Actually it is not formed in the poison gland., but the higher cobra spirit of Naga Loka, chooses one highly special, spiritual and magical stone for itself. One is very lucky to get such a unusual gem of Naga Loka. Naga Mutya or Naga Manikya stone is blessing of Naga gods. It blesses one with the magical fortune and good luck. The snake god which hold this pearl belong to Vasuki race according to Bruhat Samhita of the great Varaha Mihira. This mani creates magic in your life. This rare magical item is only the wealth of Naga Loka. Naga Land, India, is the only place on earth which has relation with Naga Loka. Naga Loka is suppose to be Agartha of modern day. According to Garuda Puran, this pearl should be purchased without bargain it destroy enemy, obstacles, position, poverty and gives victory and fame everywhere. A state of India known as Nagaland is famous for this Mani. Sometimes we come across normal stones in forest which is a Naga Mani. An expert shaman only acquire it by spiritual vision. No body can get it by killing a cobra.
Maha Naga Mani: Anyone possessing such a Naga Mani or cobra stone attains piety, rare good fortune, and eventually becomes illustrious as a leader of men, complete with a great collection of all precious gems. King Vikramaditya, Raja Bhoj, King Solomon and many other Indian kings, possessed such a precious treasure. Shaman' voice: Do not try to predict the strength or try to evaluate it, It's not as you think .... assuming it as a regular? ... It is dark power ..naga stone geliga naga? it figured. It is a gem ingenious That would be lagenda.di in this blog that ma not be there in which any other vendor ... DARE BAIL!!
God Willing
For baking aura strength and integrity
Subjugator and penggerun
Able to combine the two in power ie Positive and Negative

Strength of the stable and applies to anyone, all compatible
No specific prohibition or public, can be carried anywhere
Fist pikul
Strength of body to withstand blows
Strength run (tied neck d)
strength of sexual energy (belt)

Penggerun jinn and men
Easy to get close to people to be friends make enemies friends.
Takshak Naga Mani: A man in possession of such a naga muthu/cobra pearl will never be troubled by snakes, demonic beings, diseases, or disturbances in any form. Even it is believed to invite the gods of other world to help you .According to Garuda Purana even it can confer wealth of  the other worlds like Solomon.
Vasuki Naga Mani: Anyone possessing such a Nag-Mani/Naga Motia attains piety, rare good fortune, and eventually becomes illustrious as a leader of men, complete with a great collection of all precious gems.
Dhananjaya Naga Mani: These cobra stone or Naga Ratna are highly qualitative and able to confer all kinds of wealth. His aura increases so much that every body  get enchanted. People believe that one will posses rare good qualities and unknown - hidden knowledge of Nagas by possessing such a pearl.
Panchmukhi Naga Mani: This type of Naga Raja Mani bestows power, position, leadership ,victory, great courage and success in endeavors. This is believed to give unusual wealth by the blessings of Nags and cures incurable diseases.
Saptaphani Naga Mani: According to scriptures, the  ancient Nila Chakra  of famous Jaganath temple  is made out of Nag Mani. This Nag Mani can confer all kind s of wealth, health and fortune.
Nahusa Naga Mani: These are highly precious  yellow  colored cobra pearl, which is praised by he ancients to give every kind of happiness, fortune  and riches. It cures serious health disorders naturally. This can be worn as a amulet against fear misfortune and legal problem.
Ananta Naga Mani: A highly precious stone of Nagas. Cures chronic diseases and avoid death. According to Garuda Purana it gives wisdom, victory and blessing of gods. Generally it is preserved as a crown gem in the kings treasure.
Sahasrapheni Naga Mani: This is one of the highest ranking Nag Mani which comes from an ancient king cobra of  massive body. It bless one with the power of Nag Dev. Abundant, fortune, reaches  and great happiness comes to him easily in life.
Kaliya Naga Mani: This cobra pearl is highly precious and virtuous to confer all kinds of wealth, power, position, greatness and good health. Suitable for ladies to have a happy and prosperous family life for all times to come. Rare and beautiful.
Maha Naga Mani: A mysterious stone of the ancients. Preserved as a  precious treasure, in every ancient kings treasure. It confers every kind of wealth, fame, velour and physical gloss. There are number of Nag Mani or cobra pearl are present, in the treasure of lord Jaganath, Tirupati temple.  This magical stone is known as magical_stone, mutya, moti, bezoar, goddess, mustika, nature offspring, unusual
natural occurence, extraordinary emerging, nature kiwi fruit, jewel, celestial light, charm, amulet, young beautiful girl
of, jaman mapun, muntia, negrito, manobo, zambal, samar leyte, tagabili, mutu, mutijara, mutiara, timor, batak, momi,
rangi, motia, muthu, mote, retna, Ular tedung geliga in different religion of the world.
Naga Loka Mani: According to Varaha Mihira, these white snake pearls are highly sacred. Mahalaxmi of Naga loka resides in this pearl. It gives intelligent, wisdom, great mental ability and  freedom from poverty. Sometimes emit light.
Naga Garva Mani: This red cobra pearl is highly auspicious and powerful to confer glory, wisdom and happiness. An omen of purity, chastity and happiness. Blessings of Naga gods are there.  
Naga Raja Mani: The magical power of Nag Mani which comes from a king cobra is well known in India. It confers great beauty, happiness, good health, popularity and wisdom. Great ideas comes to him naturally and one becomes famous in his field.
Naga Nagin Mani: A rare double Nag Mani male & female of ancient snakes. A mysterious stone of the ancients to preserve as a  precious treasure, in every ancient kings treasure. It confers every kind of wealth, fame, velour and physical gloss. Suppose to confer great power and political success.
Naga Horn: A rare ancient treasure suppose to be called the horn of ancient Nagas. It bless one with the power of Nag Dev. Abundant, fortune, reaches  and great happiness comes to him easily in life. It blesses one with abundant fortune and good luck. This is good for placing in treasure. It increases spiritual aura and gives abundant reaches.
A very rare ancient treasure suppose to be called the horn of ancient Nagas. Abundant, fortune, reaches  and great happiness comes to him easily in life. It blesses one with abundant fortune and good luck. Museum piece. Tantrics Voice: This Mustika is one of our comrades private collection in which he himself was a collector of magical objects which have unique characteristics, Mustika comes from a penance behavior and it is not easy to get this Mustika. Mustika is useful for media means;
Opener hijab within
The activation energy nodes in the body so that the person who has it will have a Strength Mustika supernatural or own advantages in comparison of others. Exuding an aura of glory, making it easier in the dreams and hopes Achieved, Exuding an aura of high tinggat Pengasihan, Fence goib, Having a companion Khodam, Enabling sedulu papat / 4 companion, Quickly open the senses to sixth, Hockey or luck, Easy to get wangsit and many more other uses

Some varieties of Chlorophane are so sensitive that even slight warming of hand (such as is produced by holding the sample in hand for few moments) will cause them to phosphoresce for hours in the dark. Similar Chlorophane pebbles were also found by eminent Berlin mineralogist Gustave Rose in Altai Mountains of Siberia. These Chlorophane pebbles shone with intense brilliancy all night long without having received any other warmth by the Sun's rays during the day.

From where do these Chlorophane pebbles come from, why snakes carry it and how they make use of it? These water worn Chlorophane pebbles are normally found in dry bed rivers and especially in area where gem mines are around, ie places like Sri Lankaa, Burmaa and Uraal (Siberia). In Sri Lankaa the Chlorophane is also called serpent stone. A Chlorophane from Siberia glows white from hand heat, green in boiling water and emerald green on burning coal. And Chlorophane from Amelia Court House, Virginia, long recognized as remarkably thermo luminescent, became, after exposure to UV rays, so sensitive it would glow green from the heat of one's hand. The activator causing the green fluorescence, is yttrium. The color of fluorescence may vary depending on traces of impurities in Chlorophane.

The cobras are perhaps the only serpents which eat insects. They feed on ants, grasshoppers, variety of beetles, etc, but seem to have preference for fire-lies, because they can be caught at night much more easily than any other insect. Darting here and there to catch these fire-flies is tiring for a cobra. Now every entomologist knows that the flying lightning bugs consist entirely of males. The females, which are not very numerous, are much larger and cannot fly, as they have only rudimentary wings. They sit quietly in grass, emitting a greenish light which is much stronger than that of the males, and fades and becomes brilliant at regular intervals, this light attracts male lightning bugs and they almost land in close proximity.

The pebble of Chlorophane also emits in the dark a dark green light, which is so much like that of female lightning bug that is an easy matter to deceive the male fire-fly with it, by setting it up as a decoy. The cobras have gradually come to take advantage of an experience made by them accidentally.

It may frequently happen, for instance that cobra finds one these shining pebble in the gravel of the dry river beds, being attracted to it by its glow at night, and taking it for a glow worm (larvae) . It would then, at any rate notice that the fire-lies could be caught much more easily and quickly in the neighborhood of that shining object than anywhere else and would habitually return to it. Several cobras might come together and there would be competition, and from this moment to the finding out that success in capturing fire-lies depends on the possession of this phosphorescent pebble, and to the seizing of it in order to prevent another snake from monopolizing it.

It is no great step and involved no exception powers of reasoning. The cobra carries it about and soon learns to treasure it, for it affords it an easy means of getting its living. All it has to do is deposit this stone in the grass at night and the obliging insects literally fly down its throat. There are even reasons for believing that no individual experience is now necessary to cause any cobra to act in this manner, but that even a young cobra, on finding such a stone, will instinctively take it up, and use it in the manner described above. It must be borne in mind that there is an inherited race memory among the lower animals which is often far stronger than the memory gathered during the short lifetime of the individual.

Thus the accumulated experience of the cobra's ancestors during countless generations now causes it to act in a manner which we refer to instinct. Such are the remarkable facts connected with the naja-kallu, the cobra's shining stone. Who can tell whether the old traditions of snakes carrying precious stones, of which we still find traces in our fairy tales, may not have their source in some such fact as this?

The New York Times, March 9, 1890 talks about an article published in Harper's monthly magazine by Prof. Hensoldt PhD, who had personally seen the cobra pearl in Sri Lanka under natural conditions and researched on a few pieces he owned. He found the stone to be made of a mineral called chlorophane, a rare variety of fluorspar.

All cobra pearls don't emit light in darkness but has a natural effulgence of its own. The Nine Pearls, sometimes known as the Nava Moti, are a group of sacred gemstones described in the Vedic text known as the Garuda Purana.

The first documented contact with these artifacts by the Western world is described in the sole volume of 18th Century scientist Albertus Seba, entitled Cabinet of Natural Curiosities.

Knowledge of luminescence in ancient India must not be con-
cluded without mention of the luminous cobra-stone of India and
Ceylon, although the date of the legend is unknown, and the story
sounds highly improbable but completely fascinating. The best
account has been related by Professor H. Hensoldt,*^ who obtained one of the stones, called " Naja-Kallu," during a stay at Point de Galle, Ceylon. It is said that about one cobra in twenty carries around in its mouth a small luminous stone that it places in the grass at night to attract fireflies, which the cobra then proceeds to eat. Hensoldt caught fifty cobras without finding a stone but one night in the field with a Tamil coolie he saw a cobra resting by
what he thought was a luminous spot. He wished to kill the cobra
at once but the Tamil implored him not to because the snake is
alleged to be particularly dangerous when watching the Naja-Kallu. However, on the next night the Tamil saw the cobra in the same place and obtained the stone by climbing a tree and throwing ashes over it. The ashes were collected and sifted after the snake had left. The stone was " a semitransparent water worn pebble of yel- lowish color, about the size of a small pea, which in the dark, espe- cially when previously warmed, emitted a greenish phosphorescent light." Chemically it was a fluorite, some varieties of which (chloro- phane) are said to be sufficiently phosphorescent to shine all night long after exposure to the sun's rays. The pebble no doubt existed but the part played by the cobra is reminiscent of another more recent story regarding the Indian baya-bird or bottle-bird (Ploceus baya) , which is alleged *^ to stick fireflies in the mud-pellets of its bottle-shaped nest in order to scare marauding animals from the eggs and young birds.

They say "We, the undersigned, state in distinct terms that we are specialized shamans of India and direct associates of others of a similar profession that specializes in the acquisition of mustika or Mani directly from Nature, and that countless other Tantrics/shamans are under our direction in this mustika Mani acquisition work. Sometimes we come across normal stones in forest which is a Naga Mani. A expert shaman only acquire it spiritually. No body can get it by killing a cobra.

"Our profession takes us regularly into mountains, jungles, caves, and sites that are "keramat" (sacred/haunted) where these mustika pearls can be found. All of our mustika pearls acquired by us and through us are authentic. We only offer mustikas that are genuine.

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Gems from the Underworld

Egg-shaped translucent, transparent, and semi-translucent gems of roughly 2cm length, 2cm diameter and weighing about 5 grams. Some varieties are tumbled and polished while others are unpolished, and all appear in a range of colors (golden, green, red, blue, pink, white, black). Some have stratification which may periodically change direction or contrast. Others have hatch like surface textures, yet others have tiny inclusions that may appear and disappear over time.

References to the pearl within sacred texts

The body of information on these pearls is fairly large in the Eastern knowledge base and the legends exist within most Asian cultures, with apparent origin in the cobra-revering Naga tribe (who literally trace their bloodline to a Cobra patriarch) found in India, Tibet and some Inuit tribes residing above the Arctic Circle.
Some of the earliest legends describe Naga women who turn from human to snake at will, aided by a jewel embedded in their forehead. Rather than attempt to document all of this material, a synopsis may be most useful to understand Sri Naga Mani within the constructs of Hinduism and its outer borders.

Cobra Pearl

cobra pearl

This is the video of a beautiful cobra pearl in you tube. This video is in Vastu online. To get more information contact us.

Cobra stone or Nag Mani is also known as magical_nag stone, naga mutya, naga moti, cobra bezoar, naga goddess, naga mustika, nature offspring of naga, unusual natural occurence of naga, extraordinary emerging of naga, nature kiwi fruit of naga, naga jewel, naga celestial light, naga charm, naga amulet, young beautiful girl of naga, naga jaman mapun, naga muntia, naga negrito, naga manobo, naga zambal, naga samar leyte, naga tagabili, naga mutu, naga mutijara, naga mutiara, naga timor, naga batak, naga momi, naga rangi, naga motia, naga muthu, naga mote, naga retna, ular tedung etc in different culture.

Shamans Voice

Mustika Sacred Versatility is the basis for all Hajat and purpose, among others, for their role As Wasilah:
Absolute Courage,
Starting reinforcements,
Warding off magic, witchcraft, sorcery, witchcraft, etc.,
Treat a man possessed,
Medical and non medical treatment,
Great charisma,
Drajat cherish, PenglarisanUsaha, Peace, Prosperity,
The Glory and others
This Mustika energy including fierce and malignant, so Mustika is less suitable for people with high or easy bertempramental emosian.

According to him this Mustika many uses or wasilahnya, for any origin can not be used in any crime and harm to others, As for its usefulness to the media;
Eliminate bad luck.
Protecting property owner.
Able to repel negative things and ward off evil influences (the color will change to dark believed if something bad is coming).
Sharpen the mind, improve concentration and alertness.
Foster self-confidence.
Cultivate courage.
Increases energy and spirit.
Increase motivation and determination to achieve the goal.


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