# Brihat Samhita
Chapter 51 #

"The elephants that are born in the winter solstice (uttara-yapa) during an eclipse of the Sun or the Moon are named Bhadra. It is said that pearls are produced in the heads and in the sockets of the tusks of elephants of Airavata's family at the Moon's conjunction with the asterism Pusya or Sravana synchronous with a Sunday or Monday, as well as of the Bhadra class.

These Gajamani comes from ancient elephant of a great king who ruled over India. We collected the from tribal people after great effort. They have special power to give great prosperity and achievement. To get such rare Gaja Mukta, Contact us.

You can verify these Gajamani in lab. The report will show percentage of ivory content in fossil form.

This is the only Gajamani which can destroy all misfortune, tantric application, poverty and enemity.



Gajamukta or Gajamani

#Elephant Pearl#

We don't kill elephants to acquire Gaja Mani. We are strictly against the killing of any animal. These are all fossilized and thousands of year old.

Gajamukta (elephant pearl):  As a favorite of Maha Laxmi, it gives enormous wealth. Gaja Mukta – Gaja Moti or Gaja Mani is a rare pearl, which forms near the ivory. Genuine gajamukta, or rare pearls found within elephant tusks are among the many treasures at the Hunupitiya Gangarama Temple. Statues of the Buddha made of precious metals, rare coins, gems, ancient Buddhist texts and various items made of the world’s most precious materials are some of the rare and amazing artefacts on display at the Gangaramaya Temple. Among the most precious of the precious treasures are gajamuthu. These are the rare pearls found within elephant tusks. See this ancient Gaja Mani below. Another thing it should be fossilized to form perfect stone.

Rare ancient Gaja Mukta, 1000 year old excavated by tribals with Price starts from 1305$ or Rs.60000/-. To get it contact us by e mail: info@occulttreasures.com or call us +91 9437020474

This is a old Gaja Mani polished to give luster. This will give you all kinds of wealth an prosperity. This is one among Nav Nidhi. This gives great business opportunity and high social standing.

Those in elephant tusks come about with the collection of bacteria through an infection at the base of the tusks, growing like a cancer into the tusks. “Research shows that an elephant lives abut 125 years and it takes 75 to 80 years for these pearls to be formed,” the Thera said. As the pearls ‘grow’ and spread across the tusk interior, its exterior shows slight changes as well, with the surface developing small holes and the usually smooth and beautiful texture losing its lustre. “The pearl starts off as a tiny grain within the tusk but grows to different sizes, depending on the tusker,”  said Debiprasad, Who had the opportunity to gather information about this precious stone in his research ventures that took him around the world.

The various stages of the gajamukta formation on display at the Gangaramaya have been collected from the United States, China and Hong Kong. Most of the specimens are from India. The pearls from elephant tusks are considered priceless treasures but getting the real pearls is an almost impossible task, it is learnt.

This is a highly precious treasure stored in the treasure house of all the Indian kings and all so in the foreign region. This treasure is only found in Airavata race. It confers all kinds of wealth, victory, sons and cures incurable diseases. The best test for real Gaja Mukta is that it display the characteristic of Ivory. See our buyers view

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Compliments. Confirm the price of the Nag Mani below and the availability, i will remit the funds on Monday.DO AN UNPRECEDENTED WORK FOR FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE, SPIRITUAL FORTIFICATION AND UNCOMMON PROGENY. Let me use this opportunity to attest that you are a rare gift to humanity from God. The Gaja Mukta you sent last time did wonders in my entire life. May God bless you.

john chike,

These types of big elephant  pearls gives  protection and wealth combined. Great wealth comes to you easily. A favorite of Mahalaxmi  and worshiped  by Buddhists as the incarnation of Buddha. It gives sons, victory ,wealth ,good health and longevity to entire  family. Starting from Price: $3018 or Rs.128000/-

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The elephant pearl
(Gaja Mukta)

The elephant pearl is found within the cavity of elephant tusks and is a rare bony growth. It is not an actual pearl. Some varieties of Elephant Pearl are made up of a heavy dark brown substrate, while others are heavy balls, of varying colors, about the size of a Brain Coral, often with a hemispheric division.

This rare Gaja Mukta is exclusively available only in occult treasures. To order such natural Gaja Mani contact us.

We gurantee these Gajamani with due certification of lab.

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This will bless your familly with properiy, happiness, and achivement.



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