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This is Sobhgya Karan Vidya of Tantra. This supports the luck within 7days. You have to send your photograph and a hair. Luck refers to that which happens to a person beyond that person's control. This view incorporates phenomena that are chance happenings, a person's place of birth for example, but where there is no uncertainty involved, or where the uncertainty is irrelevant. Within this framework, one can differentiate between three different types of luck:

Constitutional luck, that is, luck with factors that cannot be changed. Place of birth and genetic constitution are typical examples.
Circumstantial luck—with factors that are haphazardly brought on. Accidents and epidemics are typical examples.
Ignorance luck, that is, luck with factors one does not know about

It should be noted that there is an even balance of good and bad luck in the world. When you use one of these spells to move good luck to a person or object you take it say from somewhere else. Where you take it away from is usually unknown, only really power spell casters can also control where the good luck comes from.

Astrologically, when we say that worship of deities associated with the 9th house and 9th lord can help in enhancing fortune, we mean that it helps in drawing the good luck or bad luck from the accumulated karma of an entity. It should be an endeavor of everybody to keep synonyms of luck are advantage, blessings, destiny, fortune, fluke, fortunateness, godsend, good luck, kismet, windfall etc.

Spiritual masters say that enlightenment can happen in an instant or like the blooming of a lotus flower. The same can be said of realizations, and luck.

Dear friend we will work for you. You will get good luck instantly. You will only send your photograph and full name. We will enclose your luck within, so that it will never go away from you as long as you want say for a month or year. This is a great formula stored by Ancient Indian Masters. Price 50$ for month & 500$ a year for good luck casting. Contact us instantly.

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