How to Make a Black Mirror

step1Purchase a framed mirror, black glossy latex paint and a paintbrush from any department or craft store. The mirror can be any size and shape, oval or square, but a larger size is probably the best size to observe images.
Step 2Wait for the night of the full moon to consecrate your mirror. Say a little prayer over the mirror. This can be either a traditional prayer, or some sort of an incantation imbuing your mirror with magical powers.
Step 3Take the mirror out of the frame.
Step 4Hold the mirror in your hands, close your eyes and imagine it filling with your energy.
Step 5Lay the mirror down on a table and begin painting the reflective side with the paint brush. Use long, even strokes. Try not to leave too many visible brush strokes. As you paint the mirror, picture a sacred blue light flowing through your paintbrush, to the mirror. Imagine your energy radiating toward, and into, the mirror as you paint. Step 6Let the first coat of paint dry. After it is dry, apply another coat (using the same visualization technique) and let it dry. You may have to apply as many as three coats before the finish is opaque enough, but always let the paint dry between coats. Step 7Put the mirror back in its frame. Your black mirror is now ready to be
used for visions.


Sit quietly. Candlelight works best, but is not necessary. Gaze at the surface of the shadowed hole. Try to empty your mind and wait for images to form.
When something pops into your mind, make note of it, and then let it go. I like to write what I see in a notebook, but that does break your concentration momentarily. You can also just say it out loud, or silently. Verbalizing seems to help the process.
You may find odd words or phrases popping into your mind as well as images. I often write those in the notebook as well, though paying too much attention to them seems to get in the way of the images. Again, it's important to let them go once you've acknowledged them. This clears the way for new images or words.
Mirror scrying is an evolved form of water scrying. When it became possible to build mirrors they were regarded as being like water that was fixed into one place. The early mirrors were made of polished copper, brass, marcasite, tin foil or mercury behind glass, polished silver and obsidian. All types of mirrors may be used for scrying and the size is not important. Because mirrors are linked to the moon mirrors should be backed with silver. Try and use a round or oval mirror instead of a square mirror. For the frame try and use a mirror that has a silver frame. Old mirrors also seem to work better than new mirrors.
Most seers prefer to use a black mirror. Because this is difficult to buy you may have to make one. Just simply take out the glass and paint it black. You may have to give it a few coats of paint though. When you put it back in the frame make sure the glass part is to the front.
The use of black mirrors may be traced back over the centuries. John Dee used a black mirror of obsidian. When using the black mirror for scrying you do not want to see your reflexion. The best is to leave the mirror on a table and look at it from an angle.
Look into the depths of the mirror as though you were looking into a bowl of water. At first it may appear grey than colours will come and go. With time and practise you will be able to see scried images like still photographs or moving film images. Spirits may sometimes look at the scryer, talk to the scryer or even touch the scryer. The visions may even exist outside the mirror and surround the scryer on all sides.




Magic mirror

Magic mirror: The black scrying mirror, or magic mirror, is a powerful psychic tool. It can bring the user hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability and can act as a portal to other planes of existence. Scrying can be defined as the art of gazing into or upon a crystal or dark mirror, allowing the physical eyes to relax and letting the inner psychic eyes begin to open and receive desired visions or information. Consider the reality of the Etheric(Akash) records, in which all ideas, actions, influences and vibrations are stored. The practiced scryer has the ability to "read" these records. Aztecs used a black transparent stone for scrying. In Vera Historical a big mirror is placed over a well for scrying. Magic Mirrors - They enabled, it was said, to see the present, the past and the future. They are of great variety, and of great antiquity.

"Then from his secret Art the Sage Vizier,
A Magic Mirror made; a Mirror like
The bosom of All-wise Intelligence,
Reflecting in its mystic compass all
Within the sevenfold volume of the World
Invol'd; and looking in that Mirror's face
The Shah beheld the face of his Desire."

St. Augustine (in De Civitate Dei, Ch. VII, 35) says that they were used by the witches of Thessaly who wrote their oracles on them in human blood.

Varron claims that they are of Persian origin, the Magi having used them for a method of divination called Catoptromancy. Spartianus says that Didius Julianus used them to know the result of the battle which Tullius Crispinius fought with Septirnus Severus, his rival for the Throne.

The persons who, in Rome, read these mirrors were called Specularii.

In the East these instruments were called Stellar Mirrors. Pica della Mirandola had faith in them, provided they were made under a favorable constellation, and that they should only be consulted when one felt comfortably warm, for the cold harms the lucidity of their oracle. Reinaud speaks of them in his Description of the Blacas Cabinet. He adds that the operators perfume them, fast for seven days before using them, and recite sacramental prayers at the moment of consulting them. The Chinese and the Hindus made theirs of metal, concave or convex.

Muratori tells us of a Bishop of Verona who was put to death because under his pillow a magic mirror was found bearing on the reverse the word flore which means flower, and proves collaboration with the devil, since, according to St. Cyprian, Satan sometimes appeared in the shape of a flower. A mirror of this kind was also found in the house of Calas de Rienzi. Catherine de Medici had one.

The shape of these mirrors was, as we have said, very varied. Some bore the name of their inventor (Cagliostro, Swedenborg, etc.) More recently they have been used to fix the eye of clairvoyants or mediums so as to put them into a state of hypnosis.

Cahagnet, in his Magnetic Magic, quotes the principal mirrors as follows :-

The Theurgic Mirror - a bottle of clear water looked at by a child and in which the Archangel Gabriel replies by pictures to his questions.
The Mirror of the Sorcerers - any kind of mirror or pail of water. The country sorcerer, standing near the consultant, recites a spell and shows him the reflection of the picture wanted.
The Mirror of Cagliostro - the bottle of clear water is on a piece of furniture, and before it a child, on whose head the operator places one hand and tells him the questions to ask, to which replies are given in allegorical pictures.
The Mirror of du Polet - a piece of cardboard having pasted on one side a sheet of tin and on the other a piece of black cloth. The operator magnetizes it strongly and places it a foot away from the eye of the consultant who, having fixed his eyes on it, soon sees in it the desired object.
The Swedenborgian Mirror - a paste of graphite mixed with olive oil is poured on an ordinary mirror and allowed to dry for a few days. The consultant, whose image must not be reflected (he stands at some distance for this reason) looks into it, whilst the operator stares magnetically at the back of his head, and vision takes place.
The Magnetic Mirror - a round crystal globe filled with magnetized water at which the consultant looks carefully until the desired vision appears.
The Narcotic Mirror - similar globe but a narcotic powder made of belladonna, henbane, mandragora, hemp, poppy, etc., is dissolved in the water.
The Galvanic Mirror - it is made of two discs, one of copper and concave, the other of zinc and convex, both magnetized nine times in nine days. The center of the concave is looked at.
Cabalistic Mirrors - there are seven, being seven globes each representing one of the seven planets of Astrology, made of the corresponding metal and consulted on the appropriate astrological day. They are:-
The globe of the Sun, made of gold and consulted on Sundays as to superior beings and the great persons of the earth.
The globe of Mercury, made of a glass globe filled with mercury and consulted on Wednesdays as to questions of money.
The globe of Jupiter, made of tin and consulted on Thursdays as to the probability of success and as to the devotion of domestics.
The globe of Mars, made of iron and consulted on Tuesdays as to quarrels, lawsuits, enmities.
The globe of Venus, made of copper and consulted on Fridays as to questions of love.
The globe of Saturn, made of lead and consulted on Saturdays as to secrets, lost articles, etc.
The globe of the Moon, made of silver and consulted on Mondays as to dreams and plans.

Scrying (also called crystal gazing, crystal seeing, seeing, or peeping) is a magic practice that involves seeing things psychically in a medium, usually for purposes of obtaining spiritual visions and more rarely for purposes of divination or fortune-telling. The media used are most commonly reflective, translucent, or luminescent substances such as crystals, stones, glass, mirrors, water, fire, or smoke. Scrying has been used in many cultures as a means of divining the past, present, or future. Depending on the culture and practice, the visions that come when one stares into the media are thought to come from God, spirits, the psychic mind, the devil, or the subconscious.

Although scrying is most commonly done with a crystal ball, it may also be performed using any smooth surface, such as a bowl of liquid, a pond, or a crystal.

The visions that scryers say they see may come from variations in the medium. If the medium is water (hydromancy), then the visions may come from the color, ebb and flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool. If the medium is a crystal ball, the visions may come from the tiny inclusions, web-like faults, or the cloudy glow within the ball under low light (e.g. candlelight).

One method of scrying using a crystal ball involves a self-induced trance. Initially, the medium serves as a focus for the attention, removing unwanted thoughts from the mind in the same way as a mantra. Once this stage is achieved, the scryer begins a free association with the perceived images suggested. The technique of deliberately looking for and declaring these initial images aloud, however trivial or irrelevant they may seem to the conscious mind, is done with the intent of deepening the trance state, wherein the scryer hears their own disassociated voice affirming what is seen within the concentrated state in a kind of feedback loop. This process culminates in the achievement of a final and desired end stage in which rich visual images and dramatic stories seem to be projected within the medium itself, or directly within the mind's eye of the scryer, like an inner movie. This overall process reputedly allows the scryer to "see" relevant events or images within the chosen medium.

Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement, used magical stones (referred to in Mormonism as "seer stones") for various purposes. Scrying through magical stones was a common practice in Smith's early 19th century New England, and was practiced by several respected leaders at the time. During his life he had at least three separate stones that were obtained through various means (one of which he recovered by looking into a neighbor's seer stone and seeing the location). These stones were initially used in various treasure digging endeavors.[1] Later, Smith used two stones called the Urim and Thummim, two clear stones in a bow that resembled spectacles, in his 1829 translation of the Book of Mormon from the Golden Plates (although much of the translation was actually done using one of the stones that he obtained earlier in life).[citation needed]

Though Smith initially used his stones to see hidden things[2], their use later evolved into a revelatory catalyst. Smith and others claimed that God communicated to them through these stones. Two stones, believed to be Urim and Thummims but referred to as "interpreters" are mentioned in the Book of Mormon. Smith claimed to have discovered these ancient stones by aid of an angel along with the Golden Plates.

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Pick a convenient location within your magical space. If you intend to scry in conjunction with invocations of magical forces, a temple or magical workroom would be the best place; otherwise, any place where you feel most comfortable and secure.

In that place, imagine a frame, as for a large mirror. This should be at least your own height, and of a width such that all of it can be in your field of vision at the same time. Now imagine that this frame contains a sheet of glass. But rather than being a silvered mirror the glass appears to contain a deep, transparent blackness; as if behind the glass were a void of indefinite extent.

You can get an idea of the correct appearance -- and construct a physical magic mirror at the same time -- by taking a piece of half-silvered or quarter-silvered glass (from a scientific supply house) and laying it on a piece of good-quality black velvet. Look into this under very low illumination and it will seem to have an indefinite depth; that is, it will seem to have depth, but you will be unable to tell exactly how deep it is.

You should at the same time imagine, and _feel_ a total confidence, that the answer to anything you look for will appear to you in this mirror. Don't get bogged down in _how_ the mirror does this, simply generate an emotional confidence that it works.

The basic use of this mirror is fairly simple. You hold the thought of what you want to know about in your mind, and then you imagine that the mirror is "tuning in" to that thought, using the thought to make a connection to some place where the answer can be found. Once you feel that the mirror is tuned, release the thought and wait in mental silence for images to arise out of the darkness of the mirror. And as with the "mystery tour" technique, the images will be accompanied by meanings that you will be able to "hear" or sense in your mind.

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