Naga Eye, A blessing for ever



Naga Eye

Some people say that the crystals from which the Naga Eyes are carved are found along the Mekhong in the days following the appearance of the Naga Fireballs: we are dealing with, therefore, a crystal out of the ordinary, direct from the Nagas' treasury! I have
several specimens of this mineral in my personal collection, and can say without doubt that they resemble no ordinary crystal.

Naga eyes are sometimes discovered by certain Buddhist masters residing unsmelted in a rare species of geode - "magic" - found in caves in northern Thailand and Laos. These geodes, can be found only by designated ones who have achieved a high spiritual level, and that only after a long ceremony which entails the lighting of a sacred fire to "fire" the geodes in sacred flames, thus rendering them into a liquid form from which naga eyes may be created.

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