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Siyar singi

Siyar Singi: 'Siyar' is a jackal, and 'Singi' is horns - very rare type of jackals have horns, and these horns are called Siyar Singi or Siyar Singh. This should be kept in vermillion powder or 'sindoor', and it's hair will automatically grow. Siyar Singi bestows happiness, well-being, wealth, good luck, victory over enemies, success in ventures, law suits and examinations. It also help in removing Evil Spirits, Demons, Black Magic and Witchcraft. It has got unusual and strange power which pull every one-towards itself. So it is used by businessmen and shopkeeper to attract customers.

Siyar means Jackal, which normally has no horn but when it hoots facing downwards, a small bunch of hair with a horn emerges from his body at the forehead. This is taken for and is called Siyar Singhi. It may be of small, medium and big sizes.To keep Siyar Singhi in the houe, bestow on the person immense wealth. Victory over enemy, Success in law suits etc. It protects from Black Magic and evil eye. It is always kept in vermillion (Sindoor), and its hair grows automatically. If one keeps a Siyar Singhi in the house, one is blessed with wealth, one remains fearless of beasts, Ghosts and it provides protection, from enemies and evil spirits and gives success in law suits. Siyar Singhi shall be kept in vermillion and in silver box or case in puja Ghar or locker/ almirah. One shall light incense in front of Siyar Singhi daily. Medium and big size Siyar Singhis are kept in the puja Ghar or on the body. The small sized one is put as a talisman around the neck of adults and children. It is tested article which enables a person to accomplish all his or her goals.

A siyar singhi is not something that one can get easily or buy on internet, its very rare and the ones sold in market are fakes. A real siyar singhi is very soft and when you press it , you will get a feel of pressing a tennis ball, whereas the fakes are very hard and when you try to press these , you will get the feel of pressing a stone. Fakes are available in wholesale market for as low as INR 50/- ( $ 1.25) and sold for as high as INR 1100 - 21000 ( $ 25 - $ 500) . So, my advice to readers is that not get fooled by buying such things on internet as you will end up paying high amount of money for fakes and benefits will be ZERO.

The uses are as follows:

To remove negative energies
Vasstu correction in house
To remove evil eye effect
To remove black magic effect
To get peace of mind
Creates protective shield around your body
For rich and famous.
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