Rare Pearls

These are natural stones formed within the body of different creatures and trees. As kidney or Gall bladder stones formed within our body are natural stones and can be called Human Bezoar. Bezoar stones normally form in every creature. They are difficult to get and so costly. They gives excellent results in education, business and administration etc pertaining to the nature of the guardian angel that controls the creature. They are discovered in caves, jungles, sacred places, and construction sites where the natives dig and find fossilized remains of snakes, animals, plants, trees, etc., that contain the PEARLS. Chemistry testing on some samples which we conducted with the head of the GIA Research Lab in Bangkok, showed them to be mostly silica, just like petrified wood.

Elephant Pearl or Gaja Mukta

Conch Pearl or Sankha Mukta

Wild boar Pearl or Varaha Mukta

Snake pearl or Nag Mani

Bamboo Pearl or Bamsa Mukta

Cloud Pearl or Mega Mukta

Fish Pearls or Meena Mukta

Alectorius or Cock stone

Toad stone or Manduka Mukta

Tortoise pearls or celonitis or Kurma Mukta

Draconites Or Dragon Pearl

Centipede Pearls

Crocodile crown Pearl

coconut Pearl or Sriphala Moti

Rare Pearls


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