Many, if not most, people explore Tantra to improve their sex lives, but there is so much more you can gain from Tantra, including health benefits, says Laurie Handlers.
When people hear the word Tantra, they usually think of kinky sex, the Kama Sutra, something they saw on HBO or on Sex & the City. That’s if they’ve heard of it at all.

I have found many unexpected health benefits from practicing this ancient form of meditation and related breath practices.

I began Tantra like anybody else thinking it would enhance sex making it hotter and maybe even wilder. I had no idea back then how powerful Tantra was to become in every aspect of my life.

Very soon, after embarking on this path, I became aware of a quieting down in the mind, something I had been trying to accomplish for years to no avail. This alone helped me to reduce my stress levels. But that’s not all; that was only the beginning.


 Tantric Consultation to

Improve Sex Life

People are always looking for a way to improve their sex life. Married couples often experience a little drop in the sexual activity and sometimes the desire. Certain medications and things make us lose a drive for sex, and it has nothing to do with our partners. There is a 5000 year old practice that couples can do to help improve things. Tantra means woven together because the practice weaves couples together emotionally, spiritually and then physically. When done couples become aware of each other's emotions and desires. Tantric sex is not seen as a sexual experience, but more as spiritual. It teaches couples to learn more about each other and what they like. According to Tantra's Romantic Fantasy it is easy, free, and natural.
Discovery Health tells us that generally sex lasts for ten to fifteen minutes, whereas a woman needs twenty minutes to achieve an orgasm. Tantra is supposed to make sex more intimate. It also builds trust, and awaken the desire for each other. Do not mistake Tantra with Kama Sutra. It is also said that Tantric sex can help me prevent premature ejaculation. Tantric sex is supposed to elongate orgasm or rather a climax. It helps us have more orgasms without having a climax so we can enjoy the feelings of each other all the more. The goal of Tantric sex is actually not sex itself, but the goal is to enjoy the road to the sex and climax. Enjoying each other's touch, scent, breathing and more. It cannot really be defined, but more of an experience and it's different for each couple.

Beginning Tantric sex is a journey. As stated the goal is not sex itself so the beginning steps could take some time to build up. One of the first things you want to do is make time together. You want to make time for each other daily, or weekly. It should be time for the both of you without interruptions. During this time you want to talk and be real with each other about things. You create a deeper bond by talking with each other and being open and vulnerable. Many couples lose that special quality time alone because they are always with other people. I know my relationship is that way. It's either time with friends, family, other strangers. We can't really be alone and intimate with others around. Couples can have real intimacy without being sexual.

The purpose of Tantric sex is not to maximize your erotic pleasure or achieve a more intense orgasm, though it usually does both. Rather,Tantric sex is aimed at bringing about a unity of spirit through the sexual encounter. To achieve this, various Tantric sex techniques are used in three basic practices.

1) Raising Sexual Energy
This practice aims at extending your pleasures from sex for a longer time so that you can take it to a higher spiritual plane. They stress is on building up the pleasure so that you can continue enjoying a pre-orgasmic period for a longer amount of time. This practice uses massage, oral sex, and sexual intercourse to raise sexual energy.

2) Exchanging Sexual Energy
In this practice, you think of yourself as a part of a circle of energy. One of the best positions to try this is to "spoon" with your partner. Cuddle him or her and rock back and forth, giving and receiving energy from one another. You can start off the process by gazing into each other's eyes for some time before you begin spooning.

3) Taking Sexual Energy
This was one of the earliest practices of Tantric sex. In this process, one of the partners visualizes and "sucks" the sexual energy of the other during sexual intercourse. It used to be predominantly a male practice for youth and longevity, but nowadays women also practice taking sexual energy. Anal sex is a particularly potent method for a woman to take male sexual energy in order to awaken her kundalini.

These three basic practices make Tantric sex different than just having pleasurable and orgasmic sex - not that there's anything wrong with that! However,Tantric sex practices can also release the cosmic energy stored in human sexuality into human consciousness. Tantric sex can take a couple beyond the merely erotic to the ecstatic, and ultimately to the goal of spiritual unity.

Imagine a nuclear plant. In the reactors, the matter is converted into energy, then transformers are used to convert this energy and wires are used to transport it to anywhere you need to use it. The same process, analogically, happens in the human body. The SEXUAL FLUIDS are the source, the so called NADIS are the path of energy through the subtle body, and the destinations are the seven plans of the human being : vital, sexual, will-related, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual, as described by the yoga system. For stronger sex life contact us.

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John F Kennedy Jr smoked marijuana and took a book about tantric sex on a holiday to Jamaica, according to a former girlfriend.
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