Vastu Tips
Big things create big ideas, says Maya Matam. Big buildings give maximum entry to natural energy of cosmic energies. So it gives the higher consciousness. Taller the building more is the consciousnesses. Higher consciousness creates high ideals, great ideas, and great knowledge. So the ancient temple, must and churches have elevated roof. But the is unsuitable to general public. Common to all Indian sciences is the concept that the cosmos is composed of the five great elements namely ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements interact in the microcosm of the human body and the macrocosm of the universe according to the energizing flow of the spirit. Just as the body utilizes these five elements to maintain life, Vastu Shastra views a building as a living organism with its own life force that when properly constructed acts as a receptor for the benefit and harmonious interaction of these five elements. The flow of the five elements through a house carries positive energy, sustaining life and imbibing the residents with a deep sense of peace and vitality. In contrast, a building that traps a chaotic interaction of elements is said to bring disease and misfortune to the residents. Vastu Shastra recognizes that humans are also influenced by planets, spiritual forces, magnetic and gravitational fields.
It can be well said that the principles of Vastu dates back to about 1000 of years ago and constitutes the norms and specifications guarding the constructional and architectural pattern of a building. The word “Vastu” has derived from the word “Vastoshpati”, which has its origin in the Rig Veda. To construct your home according to vastu contact us


Vastu and Fengshui


There Is No Place As Sweet As Home!
Is this always true? Sometimes our own home becomes the greatest danger to our Prosperity, Peace and Happiness. This is also a riddle that baffles the minds of our ancestors. Thus the most ancient civilizations that started in INDUS VALLEY gives us the most valuable Treasure - The Vastu Shastra. Chinese Feng-Shui originated from this valuable Indus knowledge.
Our Institute Of Astrology and Occult Science has made a great effort to combine all the Ancient Architectural Skills of Egypt, China, Germany, Mexico, South America (Mayan Civilization) and Atlantis with Indian Vastu. Are you facing any serious problem in your Home? Are all your family members are always suffering from one disease or other? Is there any incidence of spirits at your home? Then contact us e mail: or Ph/Fax: +91 0674 2343574,2343474 Mob: 9437020474. See our VASTU CHANNEL. Click on the photograph below.


 Geopathic Stress: The image to the right is an example of the various grid lines in a home. Acupressure points in the home are where the Hartmann and Curry Ley lines (as well as water vanes) intersect one another. You can position the generator ideally onto any one of these points for around 10 minutes which will flip the polarity from life taking to life giving.

After the acupressure points have been neutralized permanently, place 2 Schumann Generators onto the priority axis, which is the longest earth gridline passing through the area to be neutralized.
                     Read our e texts on Vastu at Vastu Library

So if you want to construct your House according to 81 section of this great knowledge of Vastu,  to get Success, Prosperity and Fame throughout your life, then feel free to contact us via E-Mail or Occult-Phone at- +91 0674 2343574 ,2343474   Mob:9437020474.

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Pedant for bed and chair
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Gemstones & their    effect

 Gemstones have a great power with them to change our destiny, as said in Garuda Purana. Even the charge storing ability of a capacitor, varies near a gemstone facing it. Gemstones or Crystals placed inside long copper tubes creates hole in the cloud. Some says due to regular atomic structure the frequency of each atom is in a resonance to create a great effect. even the charge storing ability of gemstones increases if a gemstone is placed near it. Form the ancient ages all Kings queens and others used it to get good luck in different matters. From time immemorial people have used Gems in different ways. It has Curative Powers as well as the power to pour in Fortune and drive away the evils of our Planetary Position. Certain gems and stones have magical powers of healing and fortune giving. Gems have made life happier to many individuals.
Gems Pedant For the Door: Different gem stones are stunned in the main door of forts and places to ensure security and to get a life full of prosperity and achievement. So that only good things can enter through them. Price, RS.7,000/-OR 200$ contact info@ occulttreasures. com

Vastu Tips
No room in the house should be triangular, oval, or round in shape.
There should be no houses in the area around your plot that can create an obstruction to your house.
The room for worship in the house should be airy and spacious.

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