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All Our products are highly qualitative and natural in origin. We only sell natural things which are store house of magical properties. I.A.O is a 15 years old registered (REGD no:072) organization of of Orissa, India for high repute for quality throught India. Thank you for bying.

Debiprasad Mishra, Director,I.A.O

Conch & Gods.

 It is one of the four attributes Vishnu holds in his hands. Brahma on the seat (shankhapitha), Surya in the middle and Chandra at the tip. On the right side are seated Aditya, varuna, Soma, Vayu and Agni. It is presided over by the twin gods Sun and Moon, and Varuna is it’s deity. At the back of the conch-shell is Prajapati. In front the river goddesses Ganga and Sarasvati. To know more visit resourcess .




Valampuri or Dxinavarta Conch

The Dakshinavarti Shankha is also known as Lakshmi Shankha and Valampuri Shankha. This rare, highly auspicious and much coveted Shankha also belongs to the same species as the regular Shankha known as turbinella pyrum but opens to the left - sinistral. Hence this species is called sinistral turbinella pyrum. It is a genetic cousin of the regular Shankha - opening the other way. Hence the Valampuri can come in as many sizes, shapes and varieties as the regular Shankha. Some people who have bought just one Dakshinavarti in their life and might have seen a few pictures on the net talk like experts and start doubting these varieties and claim that each line or mark on a Valampuri is either a crack or glue or resin mark of a fake.

The true Dakshinavarti Shankha has the three or more horizontal lines at the inside center opening. The Valampuri is the favourite of Goddess Lakshmi and it is considered very auspicious to keep this Shankha in Pooja for all round prosperity. This is very difficult to get and the price is quite high and varies.

Please note that these Shankhas are caught by fishermen who dive into the sea and catch them. After that they sell them to major Shankha dealers. When conches are collected from the sea they all have a dirty olivaceous green to gray covering scientifically known as 'Periostrachum'. It is of the conch protein called as 'Conchin'. Function of 'Periostrachum' is to protect conch from any minor fractures. It acts as a binding covering and helps conch animal to retain the conch in the course of repairing of fracture. The animal repairs its minor fractures.

Apart from displaying the Valampuries, the following are the services provided by us:

a) A guarantee certificate with the actual picture attested and a clear money back guarantee if proved tampered or fake.
b) X-ray of the Shankha.
c) Lab report of Shankha tested for contents.
d) Authenticity certificate by a highly qualified scientist who is an Shankha expert.
So you can be 100% sure that each Valampuri is 100% tested.

Benefits of Right hand Lakshmi Shankh

Brings prosperity and abundance to the worshipper's house.
No shortage of food, money or clothes.
Brings happiness and peace to the premises.
If kept in the bedroom, it brings untiy and harmony among the couple.
If kept during a religious gathering, it brings knowledge by evoking Goddess Saraswati.
It enlightens the students with knowledge and sharpens their memory.
To get rid off malefic planetery effects, evils and black magic. Just fill it with Ganges water and sprinkle it on a person or in a premises.
Removes ill-effects of Brahmhatya, Gau-hatya and Bal-hatya (Dosha due to killing of a priest,
cow or a child in the previous births). To get it contact us.

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Real Conch

Almost all of the people who sell so-called Valampuri are cheating by selling Lightning Whelk shells. And even many temples are also fooled into using Lightning Whelk shells, thinking wrongly that they are real Valampuri(Dakshinvarti Turbinella Pyrum) Shank. It seems from experience that about 98% of Valampuri owners have been
cheated into buying a Lightning Whelk. Real Valampuri is a Shank, and has 3-7 "ridges" seen in the conch cavity. You can see the bogus one has no ridges in the conch cavity. Even a normal left-handed Shank (conch), also being related to Lakshmi Devi, is better than a North American "Lightning Whelk". Please. Don't
be fooled!!!

lightning whelk

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