Vastu defects in South and North creates imbalance in the place that result in movement of objects, falling of stones and fire etc. Abandoning such houses is not a solution as such phenomena is due to serious and extreme Vastu dosha which need to be corrected to get back to life.

Example: The previous owner, a medical doctor, had hung himself inside the home. After suicide, the house had been rented to two Native Americans who stayed momentarily but quickly moved away. They claimed they often found themselves being pushed off the bed at night, and on several occasions, awoke to find themselves on the front lawn outside the home. Inside the house, and endless stream of unusual phenomena - strange fires, odors, sounds, and sightings of ghost shadows - occurred daily.

In the majority of cases, haunted houses have disordered magnetic energy fields. What had disturbed the magnetic energy field of this particular house? The individual who had hung himself continued to grasp onto a strong hatred, and it was this hatred that threw the house`s magnetic energy field into chaos. If a high degree of disorder exists in the magnetic energy field, spirits can direct their hatred and grievances towards occupants of the house. Foreign objects can actually materialize, objects can fly around, and strange sounds and shadows may play tricks on people.India, the land of ancients, where all the occult philosophy of all the civilizations emerged, going to explain you the secrets of the abyss, to which no one ever dare to, enter. Only the immortals entered into the abyss by grace of higher gods to unveil the veil of Isis.

This universe is a open book. You have to read every chapter carefully. One can’t feel the softness of a flower in a hard hand. So your min should be soft enough to feel the presence of dimensional being. Why our ancients are able to see the ghosts, angels and gods? We are unable to see them because, our brain is full of our own ideas.



 Vastu Consultation for

Haunted House

Before settling for a new plot it is mandatory to check out the detailed history of the plot and surroundings dating back to at least 200-300 years. While purchasing a new plot of land it is necessary to find out in details about its surroundings, such as, a river, canal, tank or lake. If some graves or temples or buildings are buried underneath due to earthquake such plots should never be purchased. There are certain plots even at the heart of the city but its history is stained by accidental deaths, such plots should never be purchased. Unused land of an old temple destroyed temples or where sculptures were kept such plots should not be taken. Plots adjacent to a cemetery or crematorium are also not fit to be bought. According to Vastu, serious Vastu defects in a house or building result in such phenomena due to which people call it haunted house.

Do you own such a house, then contact us with your house structure details. Fee 50$ or Rs.2763/-. If you are out of India pay by pay pal below or bank transfer. Inside India only bank transfer is valid. For that visit payment page. info@occulttreasures.com

1. Plots adjacent to a cemetery or crematorium should not be purchased. Structures which houses maternity homes or lie near it are also not favorable to be bought. Such places are generally haunted.

2. The structures or buildings where spirits of dead people, who may have been former owners or residents, reside are known as haunted places or structures. Supernatural activities are thought to be part of these plots. There are certain rules which will enable one to recognize the haunted buildings or plots.

3. The places where pit is dug 5 feet deep and bones, hair, burnt wood or skulls are found are also known as a haunted places.

4. It is advisable to stay away from places where snakes or cobras are found or seen regularly. The bad effect can, however, be removed by pacifying the spirits with burnt offerings in the sacred pit.

5. Buildings where all the members of family succumb to untimely deaths one after another are considered inauspicious by Vastu Shastra.

6. There are certain buildings where accidental deaths, death of young people and suicides are quite common to their history. Such properties must be avoided.

7. Even if one decides to reside in a haunted structure it will result in regular quarrels within the family. Progress will be obstructed and there will be dejection all around. It can also result in continuous illness.

8. The sign of haunted house is that there are large cracks in the South, the West and the South-West walls. The wood of the doors and the windows is dried up. The building looks horrible from the inside as well as the outside.

9. When a stranger enters the haunted house he may experience headache, profuse sweating in his hands and feet, pain in the chest, breathing quickens and he feels weak.

10. In a haunted house guests or relatives rarely come.

11. As soon as one enters the haunted house the breathing is quickens and one feels weak.

12. As soon as one enters the haunted house he starts getting bad omens. The new resident will be prone to burns, finger cuts, slipping on the floor, injury to head, illness etc.

13. In a haunted house the roof and the beams seem to be slanting downwards. An uncanny feeling that the roof and the beams can fall looms over the individual.

14. In a haunted house if new construction is done it will be hardly of any use. The walls can collapse, work remains incomplete, the mason and the workers will also leave the work unfinished.

15. In the vacant space surrounding the haunted houses thorny bushes automatically crop up. The place remains unclean. Amla, lemon, tamarind and others are found in such houses.

16. In the evening the haunted house and its surroundings look frightening. In the haunted houses cases of sudden breaking of new pitchers as soon as it is filled with water, breaking of old pitcher, flickering of the flame of the lamps, candles are also observed regularly. All these are inauspicious signs as far as Vastu Shastra is concerned.

17. Knock on the door, sound of footsteps, weeping or grimacing will be heard. Doors and windows can automatically open or close with a creaking sound. All kinds of eerie experiences are related with the haunted structures.

18. The food cooked in a haunted house is never tasty. The water is also tasteless.

19. In a haunted house the electrical equipments are always out of order. Glassware is broken. Every new thing purchased will be adversely affected. A stock of unwanted goods is collected. The house is always unclean and full of garbage. Frequent power failures are also common.

20. In a haunted house the food is either overcooked or undercooked.

21. In a haunted house cats weep and fight in the evening and dogs weep at night. Mammals like cows and other cattle fall sick and death is inevitable for them.

22. Crows or other birds drop little dead animals, strange hair or bones in the haunted houses.

23. In the haunted houses milk goes sour, food is wasted, dried lemons and chilies are found within the building. Chandeliers may crash down too.

24. Things are never found in their proper places and important papers and keys are lost.

25. In a haunted house uncalled black garments or black strips are found. Sometimes burnt garments and skulls are found. Unidentified finger prints are found.

26. An illusion of the movements and presence of an invisible power can also be felt in such buildings.

27. A building may also become haunted because of black magic. In such houses lemons pierced with needles are found.

There are several ways in which the haunted houses can be cleansed and they can be fit for residing. Contact us

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Haunted House

A haunted house is a house or other building that is being inhabited by Evil spirits (Jinns). Supernatural activity Inside homes is said to be mainly associated with violent or tragic events in the building such as Fire Starting, murder, accidental death, or suicide. Or sometimes by way of Hallucinations, hearing strange sounds or smells. By Hallucinations I mean seeing dark shadows, Flashing lights, smokey images or Blood, and sounds may include hearing your name been called, footsteps in places were there is no one, or any unexplained sounds. You May experience burnt or rotten smells, cold or hot spots in certain areas of the house or building. Also members of the house hold may experience while in-between awake and asleep state the feeling of been pinned down not been able to move or speak. And a cold or hot breeze in the home when there if no reason for it. Eg: All windows and doors are closed and its a Hot summers night but a cold breeze is present. In some cases Objects In the house or building have Moved from there Place or have completely gone Missing, Animals such as Black dogs, cats, rats or Even snakes may hang around the property And Members of that property may Dream of them same animals. Depending on the reason of House possession either one of the Members or all of them maybe affected by this kind of Supernatural activity and maybe sometimes young children maybe the only ones experiencing such Supernatural activity.

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