Trepanation is the practice of making a hole in the skull in order to improve the brain pulsations and hence the overall well being. A trepan is the instrument used for making a hole in the skull bone. It is sometimes spelled trephine. The idea is to pump up the brain blood volume. It's known that one's level of consciousness is directly related to the volume of blood in one's brain. As a result, trepanners say, one feels happier and more energetic. The practice of trepanation has been around since the Stone Age. Trepanation is the oldest surgical procedure practiced by mankind. At no time had evidence been found that brain surgery was the intention of this procedure. To the contrary, evidence shows that from the very earliest trepanations elaborate care was taken not to penetrate below the level of the bone membrane. Care was taken not to penetrate through the dura matter. Care was taken not to damage the brain.





Trepanation (hole in head): An ancient art of opening the third eye and to cure many incurable mental diseases. A hole is bored at the middle of the eye brows or at the center of the skull that is Brahma Randra. This alters the consciousness radically. Dr Bart Hughes. In 1962 he made a discovery which his followers proclaim as the most significant in modern times. One's state and degree of consciousness, he realized, are related to the volume of blood in the brain. Many parts of the brain do not get sufficient blood circulation due to gravity. So the consciousness is low. On can increase consciousness by no of methods, such as standing on one's head, jumping from a hot bath into a cold one, or the use of drugs; but the wider consciousness thus obtained is only temporary. The permanent solution is Trepanation.

Trepanation is a ancient art of boring a hole in the skull without affecting
gray matter. Though the purpose of Trepanation are many, the main purpose is opening the third eye and heavily mental disorders. According to western thoughts , trepanation can be in any part of the brain , but according to Lob sang Ralph, it should be on the brow center , to open the third eye.

Trepanation lowers the inside liquid pressure of the brain , Alchemically releases the devil i.e. ego , lust, greed, enviousness etc. The scientific explanation is that all these bad qualities fallows us as every part of the brain doesn’t get proper blood circulation to survive. As the upper skull bones of a baby hardens gravity acts and blood circulation decrease in to the brain. It can be temporarily activated by standing on the head Sirs asana , but the effects are temporary. But Trepanation creates good circulation in the brain and some part of the brain and permanently activated. So it gives complete satisfaction and mental tranquility for ever. Man feels he is the part of Brahma.

Trepanation is the act of drilling, cutting, or scraping a hole into the skull. It is the oldest surgery known to man and has been used to treat head injuries, brain tumors, chronic headaches, insanity, and most recently, touted as a cure for chronic depression and/or chronic fatigue syndrome. It has been theorized that by cutting a hole into the skull and leaving it open permanently, you would allow a permanent increase in brain blood volume, or that the brain would adjust itself to a new equilibrium, a new 'brain blood volume to cerebro-spinal fluid' ratio. The idea is that by re-opening the skull you would allow more blood to flow to the brain, on a permanent basis, and that you would restore the brain pulsation level to that of infancy, when the skull had not yet sealed itself shut and forced much of the brain blood out of the head. The increased blood to the brain would mean more oxygen to the brain, and the theory is that it would again function at the levels of youth. The recent resurgence of interest in trepanation, largely due to websites on the internet and the continuing popularity of body modifications of all kinds, has been largely due to the idea that trepanation brings with it a permanent high. Smoking pot, drinking caffeine, dropping acid, all these things, along with any other effect they have, increase blood to the brain. Many think that this would restore the energy level and mental stamina of youth, that having more blood to the brain would make more of it work and enable to function at a higher level.

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Trepanation is one of the oldest surgical procedure being practiced by humans. Skulls with holes bored in them have been found by archaeologists from as far back as 3000 BC. The oldest of these occur in the Danube Basin. Hundreds of skulls with traces of trepanation are known all over Europe--in Denmark, Sweden, Poland, France, Spain, and the British Isles. A Swedish physician, Professor Folke Henschen, reports that Soviet archaeologists, along the Dnieper River in the 1960s, found crania with oval left-side trepanation holes of 16-18 mm (0.6-0.7 in) diameter. These were thought to date from the Mesolithic, or Middle Stone Age. If so, we must raise the age of this practice to some 12,000 years.

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